Main Causes Of Unemployment In Kashmir

In 2011 jammu and kashmir had 6 lakh jobless youth. This number was increasing at an alarming rate.

Jammu and kashmir ranked first in North india in unemployment as per "Annual Employment & unemployment Survey".

In 2011 report a US based development agency "Mercy Corps" found that 48% kashmiri youth were Unemploymed.

Main causes of unemployment in kashmir are


▪Less opportunities than other States.

▪Underdevloped or No industrial Sector

▪Inefficient Govt.


▪Severe winters

▪Bad connectivity

▪Declining Art and crafts

Udaan Jammu And Kashmir

Udaan is implemented by National skill Devlopment corporation also known as NSDC . Udaan is the special industry initiative for j&k . Minstry of Home Affairs funds it.

The initative is for addressing the unemployment problems in j&k.
Jammu and kashmir has lot of educated but unemployed youth. This percenage is increasing day by day. In order to curb the unemployment problem in j&k udaan gives all youth of jammu and kashmir who are graduate, post graduate and three year diploma engineers many job opportunities by providing job skills. 

Why udaan was started
It was seen that youth of j&k were unaware and unable to get jobs in many companies.
It. The Aim of udaan was to help j&k youth to get jobs in these companies and also encourage the corporates to come to jammu and kashmir in order to recruit the rich talent from jammu and kashmir.

Udaan Help
Udaan Helpline:
Phone: 08803633333
(Monday to Saturday 9 AM to 6 PM)
Fax: 011 4656 0417

Invitation of Applications from unemployed youth by Assistant Director Fisheries

Invitation of Applications from unemployed youth by Assistant Director Fisheries

Unemployed youth from blocks of uri,Rafiabad mid tangmarg interested im Fish culture and its marketing are invited to submit their applications for special skill devleopment training in fish culture . More details are below...

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Latest Kashmiri Songs

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Here is a list of all best popular kashmiri songs. The best hit kashmiri songs are also included. These songs are sang in kashmiri weddings, mehandiraats, parties and other occasions.All Sad songs , motivating, folk, wedding, Dj Remix, Happy, best songs are in this list. Download now

Kashmiri Songs list

Badan Ha Zool Tham
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Gulmarg snow photos

Gulmarg is famous tourist spot in kashmir. Gulmarg is a combination of two words "Gul" meaning Flowers and "Marg" meaning Meadow which means meadow of flowers. There is heavy snowfall in Gulmarg in winters. Gulmarg looks beautiful in winter. So today we have brought you some stunning pictures of Gulmarg in winters.
gulmarg gondola in snow
sking in gulmarg

The New Bajaj DOMINAR 400 launched

Bajaj has now launched Bajaj Dominar is now the top ranked bike of bajaj . It has left behind pulsar 200cc.

●Engine :-      373.27cc, single-cylinder liquid-cooled
●Max Power:-  35bhp @ 8,000rpm
●Max Torque:-  30Nm @ 8,500rpm
●Top Speed:- 148kmpl

Bajaj Dominar 400 Mileage
●Minimum :      25kmpl
●Maximum:       30kmpl

Bajaj Dominar 400 other features
●Led headlamps
●Pulsar like twin-slash LED rear taillamps
●Tank mounted digital display for speed & gear position
●Stepped saddle seat
●ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System)
●Disc Brakes
●LED turn indicators
●Digital instrument cluster

●Length – 2156 mm
●Width – 813 mm
●Height – 1112 mm

Tyre Size
●Front – 110/70 R17 Radial
●Rear – 150/60 R17 Radial

Suspension System
●Front – 43 mm Telescopic Forks
●Rear – Multi Step Adjustable Monoshock

Braking System
●Front – 320 mm
●Rear – 230 mm


Bajaj Dominar 400 price in India starts at
INR 1.36 lakh

New Train timing in kashmir june 2016

New timing for trains in Kashmir valley
(Updated on june 2016)

Banihal to Budgam

Banihal to Baramula

Badgam to Banihal

Baramula to Banihal
7:45am (except thursday)
5:00pm (except Wednesday)

Anantnag to Banihal

Anantnag to Baramula

Anantnag to Badgam

Badgam to Baramula

Phone Numbers of Kashmir Railway Stations
Railway helpline : 138
Srinagar- 0194-2103259
Qazigund- 01951-296153
Sadura- 01932-210302
Anantnag- 01932-228243
Bijbehara- 01932-292181
Panzgam- 01933-294133
Awantipora- 01933-294131
Kakapora- 01933-294134
Pampore- 01933-294132
Budgam- 01951-255164
Mazhom- 01951-296208
Pattan- 01954-293507
Hamre- 0194-2231421
Baramullah- 0194-102029

Impact of Indus Water Treaty on J&K State

Impact of Indus Water Treaty on J&K State

Jammu and Kashmir in spite of being the upstream area has been effected due to restrictions placed by the Indus water Treaty(IWT). The water resources, the backbone of J&K’s economy, have been snatched by the instrumentality of IWT. Also the treaty has haunted all economical activities of the state. J&K has 20000 MWs of hydro electric potential. J&K has so far been able to harness just 10% of the total potential because of IWT. This results into shortage of power. Thus the state is forced to purchase power continuously from outside the state resulting in outflow of money which hinders overall growth of J & K’s economy. Therefore India & Pakistan must give people of J&K their birth right to use their water resources because of the
following reasons:-

1. The State of Jammu and Kashmir is being affected at the benefits of the two countries. Indus, Jhelum and Chenab are
rivers which flow from J&K and it is our birth right to use our water. Under the treaty, J&K can use only a quantum of waters of the Indus, Chenab and Jhelum for power generation and lift irrigation so that Pakistan gets uninterrupted water from these rivers and in return India gets exclusive use of Sutlej, Beas and Ravi. While as people of J&K gets losses and fiscal deficits and are labeled as beggars.

2. In last 50 years losses caused by the Indus Water Treaty to J&K’s economy in terms of development of industry, power and agriculture is nearly equal to US$ 4.5 billion. The annual energy loss suffered by J&K is 60,000 million units valuing Rs. 12,000
Crores at Rs. 2.00 per unit per year, which is substantially less than the market rate. India and Pakistan are making profits
using our water and are denying us the right to use our own water. Why must J&K suffer these looses?

3. J&K government purchases power from the northern grid of central government. The power which J&K buys from the centre
is the same power which is produced using J&K’s water from three power projects under Central Sector. This means the
electricity produced form our water at a cost of few pennies is again sold back to us for millions.

4. J&K because of its abundant water resources could have been able to generate surplus electricity which it could have exported to neighboring states, resulting in additional revenue to J&K and this revenue would have been many folds more than the annual budget given to J&K by Indian Union but sadly because of the Indus Water Treaty J&K is helpless. If this treaty is abolished J&K won’t need the annual budget from the India Union which
will result in J&K’s economic independence.

5. J&K produces 2500 MWs of electricity and its own power requirement is equal to 2450 MWs but out of these 2500 MWs state only gets 758.70 MWs from 20 power projects owned by J&K’s State Sector and the rest 1680 MWs from three power projects under Central Sector i.e. 690 MWs from Salal Hydel Electric Project, 480 MWs from Uri-I Hydel Electric Project, from Dulhasti 390 MWs goes directly to the northern grid of the central government and the central government sells back this
power to J&K and gives J&K a mere discount of 12% on the total bill. Why should be J&K billed and discounted on account of the power which J&K itself produces?
Indus Water Treaty is an inhuman instrumentality signed between
India and Pakistan which provides India and Pakistan bilateral benefits and on the other hand is imposing economic sanctions on
the people of J&K and is ultimately denying the people of J&K their basic human right, the right to use their water for their own

Airtel is being discriminated by Online recharge gaints like paytm and freecharge

Hello friends itz zubair war here. Being an airtel customer i have seen discrimination by Recharge gaints like paytm and freecharge for airtel. Recently i had to pay Rs 1800 as bill for my airtel no. And i was searching for cashback offers for airtel postpaid bill payment. I was surprised to see that there was not even a single offer for airtel postpaid and even not for airtel prepaid, landline and dth .
On every cashback promocode you will see "NOT APPLICABLE FOR AIRTEL USERS".
Same is the case with freecharge and other online recharging companies.
Cashback and promo codes were the tools used by these online recharging companies to lure customers to recharge.
I don't know why airtel is being treated like a step son . If u have any info plz do comment below ..

And one message for these online recharge companies is that plz don't discriminate airtel users . We the airtel users also want some benefits . Airtel is the one of largest companies of india so better to give benefits to majority.
"Make the nation prosper and you will prosper.. "

Who was the first in india (females)

『First in India』***【Female】
1. The first lady to become Miss
Ans → 【Rita Faria】
2. The first woman judge in
Supreme Court
Ans→ 【Mrs. Meera Sahib Fatima
3. The first woman Ambassador
Ans → 【Miss C.B. Muthamma】
4. The first woman Governor of a
state in free India
Ans → 【Mrs Sarojini Naidu】
5. The first woman Speaker of a
State Assembly
Ans →【Shanno Devi】
6 The first woman Prime Minister
Ans → 【Mrs Indira Gandhi】
7. The first woman Minister in a
Ans → 【Rajkumari Amrit Kaur】
8. The first woman to climb Mount
Ans →【 Bachhendri Pal】
9. The first woman to climb Mount
Everest twice
Ans → 【Santosh Yadav】
10.The first woman President of
Indian National Congress
Ans → 【Mrs Annie Besant】
11.The first woman pilot in Indian
Air Force
Ans → 【Harita Kaur Dayal】
12.The first woman Graduates
Ans → 【Kadambini Ganguly and
Chandramukhi Basu, 1883】
13. The first woman Airline Pilot
Ans → 【Durba Banerjee】
14. The first woman Honours
Ans → 【Kamini Roy, 1886】
15. The first woman Olympic medal
Ans → 【Karnam Malleswari,
16. The first woman Asian Games
Gold Medal Winner
Ans → 【Kamlijit Sandhu】
17. The first woman Lawyer
Ans → 【Cornelia Sorabjee】
18. The first woman President of
United Nations General Assembly
Ans →【Mrs Vijaya Laxmi Pandit】
19. The first woman Chief Minister
of an Indian State
Ans →【Mrs Sucheta Kripalani】
20. The first woman Chairman of
Union Public Service Commission
Ans →【Roze Millian Bethew】
21. The first woman Director
General of Police
Ans → 【Kanchan Chaudhary
22. The first woman Judge
Ans →【 Anna Chandy (She
became judge in a district court in
23. The first woman Cheif Justice
of High Court
Ans →【Mrs Leela Seth (Himachal
Pradesh High Court)】
24. The first woman Judge in
Supreme Court of India
Ans →【Kumari Justice M.
Fathima Beevi】
25. The first woman Lieutenant
Ans → 【Puneeta Arora】
26. The first woman Air Vice
Ans → 【P. Bandopadhyaya】
27. The first woman chairperson of
Indian Airlines
Ans → 【Sushma Chawla】
28. The first woman IPS officer
Ans → 【Mrs. Kiran Bedi】
29. The first and last Muslim
woman ruler of India
Ans → 【Razia Sultan】
30. The first woman to receive
Ashoka Chakra
Ans →【 Nirja Bhanot】
31. The first woman to receive
Jnanpith Award
Ans. →【Ashapurna Devi】
32. The first woman to cross
English Channel
Ans → 【Aarti Saha】
33. The first woman to receive
Nobel Prize
Ans → 【Mother Teresa】
34. The first woman to receive
Bharat Ratna
Ans → 【Mrs Indira Gandhi......